To start pygmy run following command

pygmy up

pygmy will now start all the required Docker containers and add the ssh key.

If you are on Ubuntu you might need to run pygmy with pygmy up --no-resolver

All done? Head over to Drupal Docker Containers to learn how to work with docker containers.

Command line usage

pygmy help

  pygmy addkey [~/.ssh/id_rsa]  # Add additional ssh-key
  pygmy down                    # Stop and destroy all pygmy services
  pygmy help [COMMAND]          # Describe available commands or one specific command
  pygmy restart                 # Stop and restart all pygmy services
  pygmy status                  # Report status of the pygmy services
  pygmy stop                    # Stop all pygmy services
  pygmy up                      # Bring up pygmy services (dnsmasq, haproxy, mailhog, resolv, ssh-agent)
  pygmy update                  # Pulls Docker Images and recreates the Containers
  pygmy version                 # Check current installed version of pygmy

Adding ssh keys

Call the addkey command with the absolute path to the key you would like to add. In case this they is passphrase protected, it will ask for your passphrase.

pygmy addkey /Users/amazeeio/.ssh/my_other_key

Enter passphrase for /Users/amazeeio/.ssh/my_other_key:
Identity added: /Users/amazeeio/.ssh/my_other_key (/Users/amazeeio/.ssh/my_other_key)

Checking the status

Run pygmy status and pygmy will tell you how it feels right now and which ssh-keys it currently has in it's stomach:

pygmy status

[*] Dnsmasq: Running as docker container amazeeio-dnsmasq
[*] Haproxy: Running as docker container amazeeio-haproxy
[*] Resolv is properly configured
[*] ssh-agent: Running as docker container amazeeio-ssh-agent, loaded keys:
4096 SHA256:QWzGNs1r2dfdfX2PHdPi5sdMxdsuddUbPSi7HsrRAwG43sHI /Users/amazeeio/.ssh/my_other_key (RSA)

pygmy down vs pygmy stop

pygmy behaves like Docker, it's a whale in the end! During regular development pygmy stop is perfectly fine, it will keep the Docker containers still alive, just in stopped state. If you like to cleanup though, use pygmy down to really remove the Docker containers.

Access HAProxy statistic page and logs

HAProxy service has statistics web page already enabled. To access the page, just point the browser to

To watch at haproxy container logs, use the docker logs amazeeio-haproxy command with standard docker logs options like -f to follow.